Friday, 14 April 2017

Day 5:

We woke again to a covering of snow. We have had a long day of travelling back from the North of the island to Reykavik. During the journey we have seen every type of weather from snow storms to clear sunny blue skies.

We managed to break up the journey with a couple of stops. We got to see a hot spring and waterfalls that appear from under the rock. We were treated to a good old fashioned coach karoke to finish the journey off.

It will be an early night tonight as we need to be up at 4am to travel to the airport ready for our flight.
Day 4:

After a good nights sleep we woke to snowy weather. The breakfast was, yet again, a lovely buffet which included Bourbon biscuits! We set off on the main road, which was a little scary as it still had patches of snow, but we felt very safe in the Driver's hands.

One and a half hours (and a little bit of sleep) later we arrived at the car park of Dettifoss waterfall, which carries the largest volume of water in Europe. It was only a 1 kilometre walk to the viewing platform but it was cold (-5 degrees C) and very, very slippery. A few bruised bottoms later and we were treated to the stunning view and thundering noise of Dettifoss. Even the sun came out to warm us up a little bit.

It was now time to head back in the same direction stopping off at lots of natural wonders. The first of these were the Namafjall mudpools. Although we thought it was a bit smelly, the sulfur smelt like rotten eggs, the steam and boiling mud was an amazing sight.

A short hop on the coach took us to Grjotagjan, a series of caves with underground bathing lakes. In the 1970's there was a volcanic eruption which heated the water to 60 degrees so they were too hot to swim in. Once back on the coach we had lunch and set off for the Myvatn Natural Baths. 

Wow! After getting changed 17 of the group went into the baths, and we stayed there for 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was so warm and the mud from the bottom made brilliant face and body masks. Everyone said how soft their skin was when they came out.

Dinner was at Daddi's Pizza and was the best dinner of the week. We ate 13 pizzas between us! It was yummy.

On the way back to the farm lodge we stopped at Dimmuborgir lava fields. We took a short walk around the paths to see the ancient formations and we couldn't believe how clear the sky was to see all the mountains. We could also see a view of the Hverfjall crater, which is 1km across. 

We have had a busy but fun day!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Day 3 

We started off today with another scrummy breakfast with an amazing view of the area - snow topped hills! We even got to make up our own sandwiches today. Before we left the hotel staff arranged for us to go and look at the Icelandic horses, they had over 120 and one was worth 15 million Icelandic Krona, that is the equivalent of £140,000!!!

Next we headed off in search of some traditional Icelandic Turf houses in Glaumbar, we could hardly tell that they had turf roofs with the amount of snow! This style of house was how farm houses were traditionally, however it is now too costly to make them like this. We couldn't leave here without another snowball fight and snowman building competition! The women who worked in the museum must have thought we were mad! 

Next stop was Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland (however the city seemed smaller than Shifnal!!). The journey was interesting to say the least - unfortunately we couldn't see much of the scenery due to the snow and at times we thought we would have to turn back (well the teachers did, but the driver said this was normal!). Once we arrived in Akureyri we stretched our legs and bought some souvenirs. 

Following this we carried on our journey to Godafoss (Waterfall of the Gods), luckily the sun decided to come out and we could all see some of the spectacular scenery. When we arrived at Godafoss we were all amazed by the power and volume of water that was rushing down the fall. We spent a while taking lots of snaps and selfies. 

We then went to Husavik which is a fishing town in the north, where lots of whale watching tours go from. We went to visit the Husavik Whale Museum and got to see a skeleton of a blue whale that had been beached nearby, we were all amazed by the size of it. After dinner we travelled to our accommodation for the next two nights. We finished our night off with a long soak in the hotels own hot tub!! Thank goodness for geothermal activity!!! 

We are loving Iceland :) 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Day 2: 

We begun the day with sightseeing in Reykjavik (after a big breakfast) and first of all visited Hallgrimskirkja church; which was surprisingly large. We also got the chance to hear the organist play and take many pictures of the very tall building. 

Next, we visited an observatory , where we also grabbed a bite to eat.
We then continued on our journey to Hvammstangi. 
About three quarters into the journey, we stopped to have some fun in the snow, where we had snowman competitions between the boys and girls ( the girls clearly won) and we took some interesting and fun photos. 

At approximately 5 o clock we arrived at the lodge hotel, where were staying the night and were surprised to find that the views were amazing, along with the rooms. Soon we'll be off to eat our dinner at a restaurant near the bay. 
We are looking forward to the waterfalls, whale museum and mud pools tomorrow.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Day 1:

After a surprisingly quick journey to the airport we checked in and caught our flight. The plane journey was quiet, thanks to the free films and ability to charge phones. All of the pupils were very happy.

We were met in Reykjavik by snow and wind...brrrr!! After a short hop on the coach we settled into the Youth hostel and changed into some warmer clothes.

The hamburger factory provided us with tea and drinks, and a good chance to chat and discuss Icelandic things!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Less than a week now and we will be in Iceland, hope everyone is getting excited!
Good luck with the packing and hope you manage to fit everything in your case...

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